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"I feel better already!"

George Zimmer (CEO of zTailors.com // Former CEO of The Men's Wearhouse)
The Miracle Man, I guarantee it!

Donna Schmidt (Fremont Resident)
Best Chiropractor!! Going to Dr.Tereo has been the best thing I have ever done.!!! His whole office, front & back are always very happy & deal with me in a very professional way!!! It's always a pleasure and feel I'm in the best hands!!!

Tami Woods (Fremont Resident)
Excellent Service and Relaxing Atmosphere -- My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Tereo for several years and have always found both he and his office staff to be very friendly and accommodating. I always find it nice that no matter how long it's been since we last visited the office, Dr. Tereo always remembers us and picks up from our last conversation as though it just happened yesterday. With as many patients that he sees, it is nice to feel that personal connection of him knowing us and not just being "another patient". I highly recommend this office not just for the welcoming environment however for the treatment as well. He is very thorough and we always leave feeling in tip top shape!

Sandra Aguilar (Educator Newark, CA)
I can't say enough good things about Dr. Tereo! He is very knowledgeable in all aspects of wellness. I Have been seeing him for many years and I find him very accommodating and he always suggests plans for follow up. He is very personable and connects with his patients.

Carl Koskey (Surfer, Athlete, Retired Engineer)
Happy With My First Visit -- I was pleasantly surprised with the detail of my initial visit. Dr. Michael Tereo reviewed my history, X rays, etc., took some spinal measurements and discussed the benefits of treatment. The initial treatment included heat, electrical stimulation, vibration massage and adjustments. After this visit, I am looking forward to including chiropractic health benefits to my routine, thus allowing me the ability to continue my physically active lifestyle as I long as possible.

Ken P
High Quality Service -- I was very impressed with my first visit and the service I received from Dr. Tereo and his staff. I was put at ease immediately, and left the office feeling relaxed and loose. I will be returning for a follow up adjustment and to discuss going on a nutrition plan for weight loss.

Diana Arellano (Hayward Resident)
Great place ,very friendly and professional -- I would recommend coming here. I come out feeling great. Thanks

Judy Garvy, RN
Dr. Tereo has been my kind, compassionate , competent , extremely effective chiropractor for years . I am very thankful for his knowledge, experience and techniques . He has helped my shoulders,feet, back and neck and kept me walking well and moving without pain. I highly recommend him.

Kalie Amittone
As someone that has minor scoliosis, I have to go to the chiropractor every now and then to keep it in check. Dr. Tereo is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. The staff is also friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend this place.

Vince Belloni 
Nothing wrong with me just like to have periodic adjustments for my health, he was recommended to me,Thanks.

Mary Cavanaugh
Front and back office happy and cheerful and very caring.Very on time schedule.Would recommend this office.

Andrew Boots
I have experienced lower back pain basically twice over the last few years. Each time I made a visit with Dr.Tereo and he was able to make my pain reside feeling much better. On the first visit. With a few visits I will be new again. This time I'll stick with frequent visits to keep me tuned up! Very knowledgable and helpful in many health topics.

Joan Esposito
I was very sore (in lots of pain) when I went into his office and he did a super adjustment after finding out exactly what my back was doing. When I came out of his office I was sore but much better!! Staff is friendly and very professional.

Robert Reyna
I have been going to Dr. Tereo steady for about one year. His treatments always makes me feel better. He is very knowledgeable in Chiropractics, friendly, and always ask and answers any questions I have.

Marie M.
He is the best chiropractor I have ever had. I have known him over 20 years. He has helped with my migraines, pain in my jaw, shoulders, back upper and lower, knees, feet and acid reflax. I could go on and on. I m 60 years old and still his patient. He keeps the pain away. I m retire, but I hope he never retires.

Sally L.
Very happy with this chiropractor. He has helped me overcome problems after surgery. I highly recommend this office.

Carla Ratliff
I came in with low back pain and my right knee out of alignment. In less than 30 minutes my hips and back were aligned and feeling no pain; my knee had been put back into place and Dr. Tereo applied laser to my knee to decrease the inflammation due to walking with it out of place. I FELT GREAT!

Warren Rogers
I've been to several different chiropractors and Dr. Tereo is the best that I've been to. He just doesn't try to get you in and out so he can get to the next patient. He listens to you and tries to makes sure that you are feeling better when you leave than you were when you arrived. He does more during a regular visit than I've ever had from other chiropractors. I've recommended him to several friends.